We've all been quick to give up when that door of opportunity closes, but how many of us have actually navigated beforehand, using all options to achieve that intended goal?

In truth, I've broken down many times, ready to give in to a complacent life after fighting for opportunities that have rejected me. My strength is always tested and although I have no idea what endeavors God has planned for me, the motto stays consistent in the end: KEEP MOVING forward.

After graduating college, I acquired my first gig as a writer with Solange Knowles' brand, Saint Heron. It took me THREE WHOLE MONTHS to fully get a response but I remained persistent. Since then, I've been working with the brand for two years, pushing for full time employment. Most have told me to move on saying, "it's not worth it," but I have faith to take the brand to the next level. I've kept it going this far and plan to exceed past the finish line.

Last year, I began my next gig with tech and culture publication, Blavity, as a social media/ marketing assistant. The team welcomed me with open arms and in return, I took the initiative to create a music channel for the site. I am now the Music Editor, building myself up as a valuable member so that I can transition into a full time employee of operations. 

Don't assume that these moves were that simple as I've been been so close to obtaining further opportunities with other industry outlets such as Bandcamp, Okayplayer, POWER 106 L.A., etc...but as those doors closed, I couldn't sit for too long and dwell on it. It simply means that it wasn't the right time and I have something greater in store. No matter how many rejections I get, I make sure to remain positive, keeping my drive in tact. My supportive circle of friends remind me on a daily basis that I am not alone in the process. even after I've acquired the success I've worked towards, maintaining that success means THAT I MUST NOT STOP.

I now have my own blog to call home (THE JTHQ) and I can freely express my thoughts in writing for all to see. In the end, this is a step towards achieving my goal as a entrepreneur and inspiring my peers to do the same. Don't limit or hold yourself back based on any circumstances. So what if you fall apart in the process?! Don't be afraid to Be strong enough to put yourself back together. It IS ALL WORTH IT IN THE END.

i encourage all you JTPK'rs to continue to fight and never let any obstacle break you for too long. In whatever you do,keep a strong hold and have that same mentality in your circle so the whole squad prospers.