When Blood Ain't Thicker Than Water

                                     Guess Which One Is Me!

                                    Guess Which One Is Me!



First and foremost, I want to say kudos to all the parents and guardians supporting their creative children in living out their dreams. Most don't realize, but these type of parents/guardians are crucial in building confidence within our youth stages.

My family was always the type to see a check before they even fully lend support to my dreams. They've never fully understood my vision and has steered me to the path of average, basic, living. As a young adult I now understand that my family just wanted me to have simple financial stability for myself.

I grew up with my twin sister and her adopted family, and while we were out of the foster care system, I still never felt all in with the family. My adopted mother did the best she could on a single household budget but with four kids, I had to step up my responsibilities and raise myself along with my younger siblings. Tension started to build in the house and my relationship with my mother gradually ceased to exist.

Throughout my adolescent years, I became introverted, with no interest in opening up to my family about anything. I developed trust issues and made everyone in my life temporary. It wasn't until Milton Hershey boarding school during my high school years and experiencing college that I grew a family of friends that supported me more in ways my family hadn't. I finally found that emotional support I had always longed for. Today, my relationship with my mother is very cordial as she has taken the time to open her mind and support to my goals. Although the support isn't as consistent as I'd like it to be, I know that I am the woman I am today because of her contributions to raising me.