If Erykah & D'Angelo Had a Child...

Desmond Owens is The Child Of Neo-Soul

As the R&B genre expands...

 with Hip-Hop crooners adopting the 'Drake formula' to cross over, Desmond Owens remains true to the roots he's been influenced by since the birth of his vocal gifts.

With similar sounds to D'Angelo and Musiq Soulchild, the R&B/Soul singer has carefully crafted his debut EP entitled, Child of Neo-Soul. The project is a short yet sweet introduction to the New York artist as he gives his listeners an look into his relationship struggles as well as his triumphs. Desmond Owens establishes his signature sound with fans falling in love with deep and relative tracks such as "Impossible" and "Child of Neo-Soul." He is an artist aiming to create timeless 'classics' for his generation to grow old with and I'd say Child of Neo-Soul is off to a great start.

Stream the 6-track EP to your right.