Welcome to the 2090s

Stream Ambre Perkins' 2090S Mixtape

I first heard Ambre Perkins on the smooth cut, "I'm in love with Kehlani" followed by her collaborative cover on Drake's "Preach" with Kehlani. I automatically had both on repeat for weeks and was plugging anyone near me to bump it. Being signed to Kehlani's imprint Tsunami Mob as well as being featured on her 'You Should Be Here Tour," are just added bonuses of hopping on the Ambre wave.

After the success of her first mixtape, Wanderlust, Ambre takes things up a notch with the release of her follow-up tape, 2090s. As the setting of the album -- I mean mixtape cover -- depicts a 70s parked car at an old motel during late hours, my first assumption was that this would turn into a night cap situation...you know, drinking and smoking with the bae before hitting the bedroom type project.  A couple listens later and I realized that it was much deeper than that.


The New Orleans singer/songwriter crafts a beautifully written yet intense love affair within 2090s. I'm awakened with "Telly" as I'm introduced to a skit of Ambre booking two nights at the motel and ends the song with a quick tribute to the popular 70s single, "Hotel California" by the Eagles. Followed by the signature soft and flowing tones of Ambre's vocals, she touches on relative topics involving serious relationships. The 15-track EP sits you through the back and forth with "NINTENDO $HAWTY," the drunk texting and calling type feels from "Yours Truly," and being that "One Percent." Favorites of mine include "Someone," "Yeah" featuring Kehlani, along with "Rendezvous," the unexpected Latin spice featuring Erick Bardales.

Production on 2090s elevates it as more than just a mixtape. I get modern feels of Bryson Tiller's Trapsoul mixed with a throwback of Aaliyah and a dash of OVO all influenced into establishing the Tsunami Mob sound. Stream the 2090s above as The New Orleans artist truly captures some triggering emotions with this R&B project to draw the you in even more.