Networking 2.0

3 NEXT LEVEL networking tips

As technology continues to advance before our eyes, traditional ways of communication gradually get swept under the rug. If you have checked out Blavity's article on "3 Ways Your SmartPhone Is Making You A Bad Person," we've all been guilty of 'phone snubbing' while in mid-conversation with another being. While smartphones make communication quick and easy, I still find that we have adapted a lackadaisical attitude towards it and have abandoned the crucial area: establishing a connection. 

Being a writer in the music industry, I constantly get contacted but on rare occasions are artists interested in building a relationship with me. I've gotten the usual: My name has been misspelled, I've gotten spams across my social media and the common DMs just asking for a write up. I understand that the motive for these artists/reps/managers is to be recognized and spotlighted on the publications I represent but it starts with the writers. 

Writers are essentially 'the plug' and there's no way a plug is sparking a circuit for every DM/email/submission sent to them. 

To up your chances of obtaining that potential write-up, here are some networking etiquette tips to consider. 



The first step to building anything is to set a foundation.That means you must invest. investments in relationships can range from drinks at a bar, brunch/quick lunch, complimentary tickets to one of your shows, etc...pull off your best first impression. I can immediately tell how serious a person is on building with me based on the effort and time put into the beginning stages. A dm is not an investment.


As viral-hungry as we are, growth still takes patience. Don't get upset and jump to conclusions if your request doesn't get answered immediately. Emails get lost, overlooked, etc...a simple follow up or two won't hurt. Persistence is key. being in this industry for 2+ years, I've had to send follow up emails for months to receive a response I wanted. A good tip is to send your email between 9-10am to make sure it's at the top of the recipients' inbox. It'll get seen at a priority level and/or receive a response in a reasonable amount of time.


FACE-TO-FACE Networking Can create  A memorable connection. always remember to FOLLOW Up Afterwards. If you have made an impression, you will be remembered. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A SOCIALITE but always be visible! The more you attend social events the more people will begin to RECOGNIZE YOU and vice versa. Fear and networking can not exist in the same space comfortably. always BE PREPARED TO BUILD!