DMV Artist, Masego stepped on the scene last year with his Pink Polo EP, introducing his inventive sound, 'TrapHouseJazz.' The talented maestro has packaged yet another EP for his eager supporters entitled, Loose Thoughts. Masego bombs your ears, opening with "YOU GON' LEARN SOME JAZZ TODAY," while the project itself consists of demos, high energy sounds, and classic emceeing. A few personal favorites," Im In Hollywood..." and "Small Talk (TrapScat)", highlight his excellent improv and saxophone skills. When listening to Loose Thoughts, I envision being in the middle of an Uncle Sego jam session dancing uncontrollably, feeling invigorated by the production. While the EP release date also happens to be his 23rd birthday,  Masego gifts his listeners with the ultimate present. Lets return the favor by jamming to Loose Thoughts all summer and you can start by pressing 'play' to your right.