DC/Brooklyn-bred, Kay Anthony dedicates his latest LP, The Man That I Am Now, to his 'mom figure,' Arlene Garnett who died of ovarian cancer. The young emcee takes you on an intimate journey of growing into a strong man while being raised in a single parent household after his father was taken by the prison system. Through poems, short stories, and conscious rap, the 10-track album unveils his pain, struggle, and strength of becoming who he is today.

Kay Anthony's NAS Illmatic-inflenced artwork shows that his community also shaped him to be the man that he is today. 

"If you don't know anyone on your block, you can take the initiative. You can bake some bread and take it to your neighbors and introduce yourself. You can join a church and become part of that community. You can reach out to your own network of friends and start building community," he states.

Open your ears and heart and get to know Kay Anthony a little more through his introspective project to the right.