Introducing Jay Bel's World, 'Bohemia'

Stream Jay Bel's Debut EP, BOHEMIA

Jay Bel has kept my ears perked with interest since his last year release of "Kate." While his Sleepercamp teammate, Jimi Tents emerged with his 5 O'Clock Shadows EP, Jay Bel carefully perfected his own craft, earning his spot as the next one up on Vate Media's roster. He now surfaces with a complete project entitled, Bohemia.

Immediately opening up with the smooth "Intreaux" (intro) to himself and Sleepercamp, Jay addresses the doubters in his life that try to stray him away from his artistry. It's evident that he is persistent in finding his way to establishing himself despite the negativity. Jay Bel later floats and drifts off into "Acid Lake." This spacey cut is a favorite of mine as I always sing along to his catchy hook, "On em'... on em' aint got no brakes (on em') aint no delays (on em')..." With a mix of singing melodies and hard-hitting rhymes over smooth and mellow, tempo beats ( produced by Jay Bel, Sedroc, KofTheVamp, SmithTheVamp, Marz Boy Genius, and Producer Matt Cody ), you get a full perspective of Jay's otherworldly sounds.

After fully soaking in all seven tracks, I'm anxious for a Jay Bel performance of this EP. Stay updated with more from the young rapper by streaming Bohemia to the right.