'MoRuf-ie wit the Loosies!'

Come On Mookie!


While attending the BK Hip-Hop Festival this year, I got to witness MoRuf perform some of his new material and maaaan was I impressed. The New Jersey emcee was exhausted from a doing a (free) show for SplashThat! the night before, but still came with the L.O.E(Love Over Everything) vibes as always. With his Melo-X-featured Moolodic EP dropping soon this year, MoRuf blesses us with some appetizers for now... aka Loosies. The eight-track EP immerses you into MoRuf's old soul vibes as he drops his flow of gems and feeds your nostalgia. With praises from legends like Erykah Badu, listen below to the beautiful vibes produced by TEK.LUN, Ohbliv, BrainOrchestra, and more.